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  Border Patrol Overview

Border Patrol is a StarFleet Battles™ (SFB) campaign, a framework for extended play of SFB. It's not the same as Federation and Empire, but it uses many of the same concepts. It is its own, standalone and self-contained, campaign environment which uses SFB as its tactical combat system.

Border Patrol is set in Year 171 (Y171) of the SFB timeline, and generally adheres to that timeline in terms of technology, races, and ships available. Border Patrol's action is centered around a stretch of Klingon-Federation border (hence the name).

There are three Teams, and seven possible player races. One Team is the Alliance, composed of the Federation, the Hydrans, and the Kzinti. Another Team is the Coalition, formed by the Klingons, the Romulans, and the Lyrans. The third and final Team is the Orion Pirates, which is limited to one player and is composed solely of Orion ships.

The goal of the Coalition and the Alliance is to drive the other Team out of the Sector, to conquer the area of space around which the action is centered. This is accomplished by force - combat, destroying the opponent's ships, bases, and economy.

The Orions have the goal of amassing a fortune and retiring in idle luxury. This is accomplished by accepting bribes, committing acts of piracy on the other Teams, renting out their ships, smuggling, etc.

Important! Border Patrol was updated to v4.91 in January of 2010.

The Border Patrol rules are comprised of 21 Sections, each describing a different aspect of the game, such as Economics, Incidental Units, and Terrain. These are available to you in Adobe PDF files, which require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for you to read.

The Border Patrol mailing list has also been established for players of Border Patrol, to discuss the game and form a community among the players. Subscription will be limited to players. Contact Dirk if you want to play Border Patrol.